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Group Management

The Group Management feature allows you to create and manage SOAPam Server groups. Access to SOAPam Server resources such as Control Panel administration functions, developer tools and Web service execution are all dependent on folder permissions given to users. Groups provide a convenient way giving the same folder permissions to a group of related users. The Group Management page lists the name and description (if any) of each configured group. To add a new group, click the 

 icon. To modify the properties of an existing group or to delete a group, click the 
 icon to the left of the group name.

Adding a New Group

To create a new group click the 

 icon, supply the following properties, and click the Add button.

  • Group Name  - consists of 1-26 alphanumeric characters or '_', but must start with an alphabetic character. Group names are not case sensitive and must be unique.
  • Description  - consists of 0-32 characters. This field is optional and can be used for any purpose.
  • User Membership - select the users that you want to be members of the group.

Modifying Group Properties

To modify the properties of an existing group click the 

 to the left of the group name. The group's description and group membership may be modified. To save the modifications click the Save button.

Deleting a Group

To delete a group, click the 

 to the left of the group name and click the Delete button. A dialog will be shown asking to confirm the deletion. 


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