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How to Obtain Support

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments. Please visit the NuWave Technologies Support Center to learn how to contact us

We work hard to deliver quality products to our customers, but occasionally something goes wrong. Please review our suggestions for How to Submit a Product Support Request. Below are instructions for obtaining product-specific details you should include in your Support Request:

Determine the Product Version

Use the NonStop VPROC utility to find the SOAPam Server product version:

> VPROC [<installation-subvolume>.]SOAPAM

Copy and paste the VPROC output to your support request.

Include a Copy of the Service Definition

If your issue concerns a specific service, attach a copy of the Service Definition File (.sdf) to your Support Request.

It is often helpful to include a copy of the DDL source that was used to create the DDL dictionary that your server application was built from.

Enable Diagnostic Logging

A diagnostic log includes detailed information about a single API method invocation. This information can be extremely useful in diagnosing problems. If your issue concerns a specific API, enable diagnostic logging. Download the diagnostic log and attach it to your Support Request.

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