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The TransactionBegin method of SOAPam Server's built-in transactionControl service is used to begin a new transaction. TransactionBegin returns a txControlResponseType response that includes the identifier of a new transaction (txURL) in the "suspended" state. The client application must copy this txURL to the txControlRequestType header or parameter of each user-defined method that is to participate in the transaction. The returned txURL may also be used as a parameter to the TransactionCommit or TransactionAbort methods.


txResponse = TransactionBegin ( txTimeout )


txResponsetxControlResponseTypeoutThe response to the 'begin transaction' request, including the transaction identifier (txURL) of the transaction that was started. See txControlResponseType and Remarks below for more information.
txURLxsd:stringinIf greater than zero, the number of seconds that the transaction should be allowed to 'live' before it is automatically aborted by TMF. If the specified value is greater than the configured NonStop TM/MP AutoAbort attribute, the AutoAbort value is used.


The TransactionBegin method is part of SOAPam Server's built-in transactionControl service. The WSDL for the transactionControl service is located at http://host:port/services/transactionControl/transactionControl.wsdl.

If txTimeout is a negative or non-numeric value, a SOAP fault will occur.

If the SOAPam Server cannot begin the transaction for any other reason, the txOutcome element of the response will be "unknown" and the txResult element will contain the NSK file system error.

If SOAPam Server successfully begins the transaction, the txOutcome element of the response will be "suspended" and the txURL element will contain the transaction identifier.

A client application may have multiple concurrent active transactions. Note, however, that the total number of active transactions for each SOAPam Server process is limited by the NonStop system.

A transaction begun by SOAPam Server running on a given NonStop system may be used by any application server running on any NonStop system in the same Expand network.


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